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Welcome to Waysterra.* The continent is a massive desert surrounded on all sides by impassable ocean. Eight massive mountains contain the major city-states within them, and the surrounding areas are strings of train tracks connecting smaller towns together out into the wastes. The last town on each train “spoke” is usually a major trading hub, with caravans heading to other cities’ areas.

(Welcome to the Fantastic Wild West, folks.)
(If anything changes and it’s important, I’ll let everyone know)

Table of Contents:
In-Character Information:
More Detailed Information About Waysterra
A Brief Overview of the Various Racial Stereotypes
A Brief History of Waysterra
The Main Cities of Waysterra
The Towns Along the Railways
Major Players in the World of Waysterra
The Four Major Mass-Market Religious groups of Waysterra.

Out-of-Character Information
Things do happen away from the players.
The story so far, Readers’ Digest version.
*-Pronounced \ˈwāst-er-ə\

Main Page

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