First things first: Except for Ogres and Saurians, all of the PC races can interbreed, and the resulting offspring can have traits resembling any ancestor. Whichever traits are most prominent results in the actual Race of the child. This can (but usually doesn’t) result in households with an Elf and a Dwarf parents, two Goblin children, and a Human child. They will all have similar features and will clearly be family, but with wildly different body types.
That is an extreme example though.

Second things second: The Stereotypes (many of which hold true for a lot of individuals, but not always)
Physical descriptions are mostly the same as in the Fantasy Craft book. Personalities may differ.

  • Humans: A diverse bunch, run the gamut of personalities, shapes, and sizes. Mostly darker skinned especially desert dwellers, but there are some paler clans that don’t leave the mountains.
  • Dwarves: Stout, Strong, rounder features, usually a bit gruff. Almost all Dwarves have some artistic or artisanal skill, even if they aren’t crafters by trade.
  • Elves: Usually taller and thinner than average, striking features. Often a bit cold to others. Make good lookouts, as their hearing and vision tend to be excellent.
  • Goblins: Short, sarcastic, often rude. Goblins tend to lean on the uglier side of the spectrum, and are often known for being brutes and thugs, as well as criminally connected.
  • Orcs: Tall, big, broad, and usually not the brightest. Tend to be found in menial jobs or labor. Known for being dirty fighters.
  • Pech: Small, unassuming, usually crooked. Honorable and rational in business dealings, but won’t hesitate to put knives in backs to keep themselves on top.
  • Ogres: Big, lumbering, hard to get along with. Ogres often times find themselves ostracized by their lack of social graces.
  • Saurian: Clever, independent, pragmatic. Often have wild notions about the world and history.

*Faerie: I don’t believe they exist.

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