List of Mountains

There are 8 Mountain City-states in Waysterra: (Each is labeled with a colored Dragonhead Marker on the map)

Aradace, The Metropolis – A vast city, the largest of the Mountains. (Red marker)
Uranjan, the Vast Jungle – A jungle, filled with things that think you’re tasty. (Dark green marker)
The Grazing Plains – A vast, low-ceilinged field, populated by farmers and ranchers. (Orange marker)
Kusuluk, the Great Forge – The manufacturing giant of the south east. (Purple marker)
Tasilaq, the Deep Mines – provide much of the raw metals for use in the rest of the continent. (Light blue marker)
Agadir, Bazaar of the Bizarre – If you need to find something, you can probably find it here. (Brown marker)
Vennermid, the Spark of Creation – Here be gnomes and explosions. Mostly explosions. (Tan marker)
Vareig, the Ivory Tower – A center of learning, in a much more controlled environment than Vennermid. (Dark blue marker)

In addition, there is one City that is not under a Mountain: (The building marker)
Dorestad, City on the Lake – The only City-state that is not undermountain.

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List of Mountains

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