Basic Setting Info

Waysterra is the name of the continent upon which our story takes place. It’s also the name used for the planet by the natives. In no particular order, some information:

The entire continent is a desert – most of it is sand and rock, though the towns are all built on sections where there is semi-arable soil. Most towns, in fact, have some crops and/or livestock for their own consumption. (Though the Grazing Plains generates most of the food on the continent, by volume.)

There is no precipitation in Waysterra. In fact, there are hardly ever even clouds. When there are, it’s usually just whispy, thin things riding a heavy wind in high atmosphere.

Surrounding the continent is ocean, though no one has ever traversed it – a few dozen-or-hundred miles offshore in every direction offshore is a superstorm. There’s no such thing as a “pleasant beach” on Waysterra.

(To do: Demographics, culture)

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Basic Setting Info

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