The following are example alignments for Waysterra. Each Alignment is a collection of individual religions with common themes. Others may exist, and there are many religions that don’t fit under one of these banners. The GM is willing to work with players to come up with an alignment for their character if need be. (Game Benefits listed at the bottom)

The Long Now

“That we cannot achieve Perfection is no reason not to strive for it.”

Description: A collection of religions believing that the world has never changed because it is perfect the way it is, and that people need help living in the world they are in. Their temples are places of healing and respite to the tired. Towns often have at least a minor temple who provides healing and temporary (very spartan) lodging to those who can’t pay for their own rooms elsewhere. Those lodging at a Long Now Temple are expected to help around the temple in some way as payment, instead of with silver.
Common symbols include shields and other protective items. The holy book reads more like a medical journal than a religious text, and is updated whenever new medical information is brought to light.

Alignment Skills: Medicine, Resolve, Sense Motive
Alignment Paths: Life, Protection (Order, Light, Good)
Alignment Weapon: Quarter Staff (or Shod Staff)

The Brotherhood of Steel

“Paper can be torn, parchment can be burnt. Only what is written in steel can be trusted”

Description: Various deities and cults of the Forge and the Pick. Crafters, miners, and builders are often practitioners of one of the Brotherhood religions.
Practitioners often wear a set of steel prayer beads – every set is made the same, with the same etchings and patterns.

Alignment Skills: Craft, Prestidigitation, Haggle
Alignment Paths: Metal, Magic (Earth, Fortune, Knowledge)
Alignment Weapon: War Hammer (Or Maul)

The Burning Eye

“Of course the sun has been rising for the past 10,000 years. You’re welcome for that.”

Description: Sun worshipers, with a dash of deadly gladiatorial combat. The belief most common among The Burning Eye is that the Sun only rises on sand where blood has been spilled. Oftentimes, this means the adherents’ own blood is what must be spilled – either by themselves or their fighting partners. While not always immediately deadly, it is considered rather dangerous to enter a gladiatorial fight with a Burning Eye adherent, as any rules of surrender are often ignored. The more orthodox sects usually look down on the more conservatives’ idea of using animal sacrifices at the end of a particularly well-fought match instead of the losers – the Sun doesn’t come up for just any blood, after all.
One can usually tell a practitioner of The Burning Eye from the third eye tattoo in the middle of the brow, or the various scars from ritual bloodletting and wound cauterizing.

Alignment Skills: Athletics, Intimidate, Tactics
Alignment Paths: Strength, Death (Heroism, Fire, War)
Alignment Weapon: Broad Axe (Or Zweihander)

The Lost in the Desert

“We are all Lost. Only together can we be Found.”

Description: Community and Charity underlie all actions of the Lost clergy. Founded on a belief in the supernatural behind the veil of the world, that by all chipping in Humanity™ can raise themselves above the dirt and dust we find ourselves in. Any who are hungry may eat, all who are thirsty may drink. There is no cost for Hospitality, as one day the fortunes of all might be turned, and the offers may be given in the other direction.
Common symbols are leaves, cornucopia, flowers, and other such nature that doesn’t thrive in the desert alone.

Alignment Skills: Impress, Perception, Survival
Alignment Paths: Wilderness, Nature (Spirits, Beasts, Beauty)—
Alignment Weapon: Long Bow (or Sword Cane)

Game benefits of having an alignment.

Characters who choose an alignment who are not divine casters gain the following benefits:

  1. When using any alignment skill, attacking with an alignment weapon, or using a charisma-based skill dealing with others of the same alignment, gain advantage on action points spent (roll action dice twice, use the higher result)
  2. Gain +2 on charisma-based skills and checks when dealing with others with the same alignment.

(Divine casters also gain these benefits, as well as the normal rules for alignments. Divine casters can choose the paths listed or be a member of a splinter group with other paths, usually from those listed in parentheses)

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