Vignette 3

On the Road Again

“Coming home is always the second best part of leaving. Wouldn’t you say, Kamil?” The hearty voice failed to echo among the sand that surrounded the group. Upptackts was nearly a day behind them, and their destination loomed ahead, the sun fading behind a far dune.

“Brennan leave the poetry to the poets, huh? It’s really not your forte.” Said a small voice from the cart next to him. Sammi was fiddling with parts from the brass tiger they’d picked up. “I wonder if those guys got out of Annan before…y’know.”

The elf on a nearby horse glared at Sammi. “Don’t make light of it. Two rain storms in so many months? But I’m sure they got out – you saw the paper, there was a group that took out the Syndicate head there. I’m sure that was them.” Hope springs eternal.

“In other news, Pluma was right about this door. Why do you think she can’t remember all of them, or what they’re for?” The Saurian working with Sammi on the Tiger piped up.

Brennan shrugged. “I’ve never brought it up. She’s never liked talking about it really. I just follow where she points me.” He winked at Kamil, who rolled her eyes at him. “Besides, we still can’t figure out how to open them. The best we can do is find them and see if we can find a pattern beyond what we already know. Speaking of, you guys can stick around for a while if you’d like. Wait for Rens to get back even. I’m only sticking around a few days then I have something to look into.”

“Is this another of your walkabouts Brennan? When do you expect to need us to come find you?” A smirk accompanied Arseni’s question, and a laugh and a shrug responded. “If you don’t hear from me in 2 months, come looking.”

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Cast, as met by the players:
Brennan Barbrons – Dwarf Explorer
Kamil Garrett – Elf Scholar
Arseni – Saurian Troubleshooter
Sammi Audley – Pech Troubleshooter
Rens Forrest – Not appearing in this Vignette.

Vignette 3

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