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Prequel: The Nockabouts

The Truth About Samiao’s Day.

A ragtag bunch of misfits all find themselves chasing the same man. They team up to find they’d been duped by a cult leader trying to summon a powerful force into the world. An annoying Faerie helps them find the ritual and save – well, not everyone, but a lot of people. The start of a very profitable friendship.

Ancient history.1 One of the earliest Nockabouts legends. Some say it’s the last true story written about them.

Act 1: Lost in the Desert

Chapter 1: The Walls of Parma

Bandits in the desert outside of Parma. The party is hired to retrieve a simple book. They meet a doomed priest in camp.

Chapter 2: The Heart of Springhill

Investigating the Book’s origins leads to an interesting encounter with an incongruous forest full of dead and dying things. A great tree infected from the wrong side of reality.

Chapter 3: The Allure of Faerie


Chapter 4: The Explorers of Waysterra

A bunch of nutters in a stone building in the desert. And then the Explorer’s League finds them.

Chapter 5: The Waters of Annan

The Syndicate made it rainnnnn. It was terrible. Lots of people died. There’s no longer a town of Annan.

Intermission: The Journey to the West

Lots of trains. A couple interesting characters.

Act 2: Legal Matters

Chapter 1: The Brotherhood of Steel

Parliamentary Procedures have never been more boring!

Chapter 2: The Importance of Family

Scott’s homecoming goes…mostly right? No one important died.

Chapter 3: The Ghosts of Calico

A too-convenient meeting with an old friend leads to a new door, also into Faerie.

Chapter 4: The Timely Visitor

The weirdest episode of Doctor Who.

Chapter 5: The Book of Life

An old friend was last seen exploring towards the basement of the Long Now Cathedral.
The strangest mass Mass, where the party almost lost Scott to the crowd.
The saga of The Worst Angel Ever began with Brighid knocking over every bookshelf in the library.
There’s something steel underneath Aradace.

Chapter 5.5: A Long-Anticipated Meeting

The party is called to meet someone…

Act Two: A Dance with Dragons.

Chapter 1: What we Met in the Bazaar

Mr Baseborn? You mean Agadir, of course. She is not amused by Scott’s girlfriend question.
The party is tasked to go find out what happened to Tasilaq.

Chapter 1.5: The Death Life of Johnny Mooring

The Syndicate made it rain. Again. This time it was mostly just Syndicate thugs that died. Twice. Though evidence points to the idea that they might not have been willing. Vince Tierra gets away, but so does Jonathan Miller.

Chapter 2: What we Found in the Dark

Tasilaq is dead. The city is dead. All the residents have been dead for 20 years. It’s not so bad, they can still work just fine.

It turns out those steel corridors are everywhere.

The purpose of the Doors™ was finally discovered.

Chapter 2.5: What we Learned in the Sky

Residents of Way’s Terra met its owner. The party now has admin access to the computer systems, including the Personal User Companion, or PUC.

He showed the party the investor video for Way’s Terra, answered a few questions, and then Vennermid started blowing up.

Chapter 3: What we Lost in the Fire

Vennermid. We lost Vennermid.

The party did make an ally of the Winter Knight, though: Marie Way.

But seriously, a lot of people died in that fire, and Vennermid herself went nuts. It’s truly sad.

On the plus side: 3/9 switches flipped. sooo…yay?

Chapter 4: [TBD]

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1. 75 years ago or so.


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