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Prequel: The Knockabouts

___ _____ _____ ______’s ___.

A ragtag bunch of misfits all find themselves chasing the same man. They team up to find they’d been duped by a cult leader trying to summon a powerful force into the world. An annoying Faerie helps them find the ritual and save – well, not everyone, but a lot of people. The start of a very profitable friendship.

Ancient history. One of the earliest Knockabouts legends. Some say it’s the last true story written about them.

Act 1: Lost in the Desert

Chapter 1: The Walls of Parma

Bandits in the desert outside of Parma. The party is hired to retrieve a simple book. They meet a doomed priest in camp.

Chapter 2: The Heart of Springhill

Investigating the Book’s origins leads to an interesting encounter with an incongruous forest full of dead and dying things. A great tree infected from the wrong side of reality.

Chapter 3: The Allure of Faerie


Chapter 4: The Explorers of Waysterra

A bunch of nutters in a stone building in the desert. And then the Explorer’s League finds them.

Chapter 5: The Waters of Annan

The Syndicate made it rainnnnn. It was terrible. Lots of people died. There’s no longer a town of Annan.

Intermission: Journey to the West

Lots of trains. A couple interesting characters.

Chapter 6: The Brotherhood of Steel

Parliamentary Procedures have never been more boring!

Chapter 7: The Importance of Family

Scott’s homecoming goes…mostly right? No one important died.

Chapter 8: The Ghosts of Calico

A too-convenient meeting with an old friend leads to a new door, also into Faerie.

Chapter 9: A Timely Visitor

The weirdest episode of Doctor Who.

Chapter 10: In Search of a Good book


Chapter 11: A Long-Anticipated Party

The party is called to meet someone…

Act Two: A _____ with _______.

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