Mantomai Stix

Crazy Saurian Professor


Mantomai Stix recently resigned his position as the Penthean Professor of History at the University at Vareig in order to pursue his research independently. Professor Stix’s colleagues at the university were glad to see the back of him because, despite his distinguished career of scholarship, he lately had been promoting theories of magic and ancient civilizations (notably one involving extra-dimensional beings) that could only be described as “crackpot.” It was with great relief that the deans greeted his proposal to leave campus and engage in field work full time, even granting his one demand of continued access to the university libraries. After leaving his post, Stix bought adventurer’s gear and a crossbow, partly because he thinks that in a previous life he was a bowman in the much-feared Upright Lizardman Army, but mostly because it seemed like an easy weapon to use. There’s not much to say about his life before now, since he’s been in school out of an irrational fear of having to work in a volcanic rock mine like his father did. He grew up in a very rural part of Waysterra where he did learn a bit about roughing it out doors and even underground, as training for the mines was part of the school curriculum.


Mantomai Stix

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